Julienne Schaer
Julienne Schaer

Julienne Schaer’s photos of the build of the Brooklyn Bridge Park comprise a visual documentary that illustrates the transformation of Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront into a world-class park.

On March 13, 2008, Schaer captured the start of demolition of the Pier 1 shed. She photographed as the Port Authority sign was removed, signaling the end of one era and the beginning of another. She continued to photograph the site once a month until the demolition of the sheds was complete.

As the construction phase began, Schaer photographed the park more frequently, enabling her to capture many of the elements that have gone into creating the park. Schaer’s attention to detail has produced compelling images that showcase the park’s sustainable infrastructure and construction methods as well as the individuals who brought the park to life day by day. Her photographs document the salvaging of Longleaf Yellow Pine from the Cold Storage Warehouse, the installation of the park’s water retention systems, and the construction of dramatic new topography on Pier 1.

As the site was transformed from a civil engineering project to a scenic park, Schaer’s photography adapted to show off the dramatic panoramas of the park.

Artist Bios

  • Julienne Schaer

    Julienne Schaer, formerly a forensic photographer for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, now specializes in editorial and event photography.
    As a photojournalist, Schaer has covered many of the city’s official celebrations & events, and the photographs have been published extensively in print and on the Internet.

    Schaer has worked on several long-term projects, completing a portfolio of images of the Hudson River Park for the HRP Trust, and documenting the construction of Jane’s Carousel for Jane Walentas. Over the last five years her continued work photographing the build of the Brooklyn Bridge Park has produced over 6,000 images that chronicle the transformation of the 1.3-mile of Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront into New York City’s most exciting new public space.

    Schaer received a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), but has said it was her years in forensic work, learning to photograph with a recorded neutrality the documentation of a crime scene, its victims and evidence, that influenced her photographic style today.


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Documenting the Build of Brooklyn Bridge Park

 archive : 2013

Featuring: Julienne Schaer

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  • United Photo Industries (UPI)


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