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Featuring work by: @acespeeddeomon, @bronxbeam, @bklynbikesupply,, @mybronxtale, Adalirys Santos, Anthony Delmundo, Bianca Farrow, David Flores, E. Gordon Berroa, Ed Garcia Conde, Elias Williams, Giacomo Francia, Giovana Schulter, Greg Gulbransen, James Estrin, Jon W. Santiago, Jordan Moss, Jorge Caraballo Cordovez, Jorge Gomez, Luimi Peralta, Marcelo Perez del Carpio, Michael Santiago, Michael Young, Nina Berman, Quang Trinh, Rhynna M. Santos, Ryan Peterson, and Gabriel Hernández-Solano

Everyday Bronx @everydaybronx is a Bronx-themed Instagram account with more than 45,000 followers and is part of The Everyday Projects, a global initiative that champions a collective, grassroots form of storytelling. Founded in 2014, Everyday Bronx rewrites the narrative of the Bronx one photo at a time, telling the complex story of the often-overlooked daily life in the Bronx. Rhynna M. Santos, a Puerto Rico-born Bronx Native, leads a five-member volunteer team that posts images every day of the year.

Bronxites tell everyday life stories on the account’s feed, using mostly cellphone photography, portraying a holistic story of life in the Bronx while dispelling common stereotypes.

The Bronx is a center of creativity for fashion and music, and is the birthplace of hip hop. It has a range of vibrant, ethnically diverse neighborhoods, with flourishing music, food and cultural venues. However, the Bronx has often been maligned and neglected.

The importance of Everyday Bronx comes from its homegrown content, which is creating a unique online archive of documentary images of the Bronx. It is the only feed in the Everyday Projects global initiative that exclusively features photographs from its followers, with more than 6,800 posts over the last nine years. By encouraging followers to photograph their neighborhoods, Everyday Bronx fosters artistic expression from a range of individuals, not just trained photographers—if you have a cell phone, you can make art and document the Bronx!


  • The Bronx Documentary Center

    The Bronx Documentary Center

    The Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) is a non-profit gallery and educational space. Through exhibitions, screenings, and public programming, we show the work of internationally-renowned and emerging photographers and filmmakers who are dealing with the themes that guide the BDC: justice, education, community-building, and positive social change. We also provide free education programs for middle and high school students as well as professional education workshops for historically underrepresented adult Bronx-based photographers that provide opportunities for professional development and skills training in photojournalism, filmmaking and documentary photography.

    Our free after-school and summer documentary photography programs teach middle and high school students from the Bronx to use photography, writing, and research to explore social justice issues, preparing them for college and future careers. The program includes visits from internationally renowned photographers, field trips to major cultural institutions and media outlets, and opportunities for life-changing national and international travel. BDC Youth Photo League students and their families also participate in extensive college prep programming, which includes one-on-one counseling, financial aid workshops, and college tours. All materials are provided by the BDC.

Everyday Bronx

 archive : 2023

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Cynthia Rivera Rhynna M. Santos

Presented by: Bronx Documentary Center
  • The Bronx Documentary Center


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The Everyday Bronx Team includes: Rhynna M. Santos, Edgar Santana, Cynthia Ciccione, Heriberto Sanchez, and Kayla Beltran.

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