Jordan Tiberio
Jordan Tiberio
Alex Jiang
Diego Bendezu
Holly Jo Schnaudigel

Featuring: Diego Bendezu, Angelina D-auguste, Meg Farrell, Alex Jiang, Holly Jo Schnaudigel, Jordan Tiberio, Tudor Vasilescu, and Erin Yamagata

Thesis Advisors: Ron Amato and Brian Emery

Thirty students in the Bachelors of Fine Arts Photography Program exhibited their senior thesis projects, representing the culmination of their studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology in May, 2015 as part of the annual Art and Design Graduating Students Exhibition.  The 30 Collective explored diverse subjects, employing various techniques and styles through new and traditional photographic practices. Examining themes such as identity, memory and perceived realities, the exhibition challenged and provoked the viewer to question their preconceptions. The different photographic techniques employed, as well as the myriad themes explored by the students, is a reminder that photography still remains a major medium of expression and perspective.

The photographic image, whether moving or still, helps define the culture of a particular place and time. Our imagery documents experiences, expresses political attitudes, embodies fashion trends and explores emotions, providing a literal and figurative snapshot of society. These images are not only reacting to the world around them, but also have the potential to change it. In a world where social media is more and more image-driven, each generation of image-makers builds their own visual culture, directing our attention toward new ideas and new ways of seeing. The work that comprises the graduating exhibition from the Photography department at FIT is a microcosm of the larger photographic universe.

FIT BFA Senior Thesis Projects 2015

 archive : 2015

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
  • Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)


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