Anna and Jordan Rathkopf
Anna and Jordan Rathkopf
Anna and Jordan Rathkopf
Anna and Jordan Rathkopf

When COVID-19 hit Kensington, people took care of one another. Many of these efforts were led by immigrants and Muslim women. They reached out to their neighbors in multiple languages, raised funds, and worked long hours lifting heavy boxes to make sure that no one would go hungry. Their work was and continues to be rooted in solidarity and love. Throughout the pandemic, Anna and Jordan Rathkopf photographed and interviewed these diverse networks of people who devoted their time, energy, and hearts to Mutual Aid in their community. The Kensington Cares exhibit celebrates this collective movement on the Avenue C Plaza—a place of resilience and creativity.

Artist Bios

  • Anna and Jordan Rathkopf

    Anna and Jordan Rathkopf are a photo/video team creating and producing visual narratives about intimate personal journeys. We focus on issues of identity, health, resilience, and what it means to be part of a community.

    Anna was raised in Prague, in the shadows of historic architecture and world-class museums. She learned about composition, the use of light, and how to capture rare moments from her uncle, a renowned Eastern European photographer.

    Jordan is a former media relations specialist who grew up in Brooklyn. There, he learned to connect with people from all walks of life and developed an eye for symmetry and hidden charm. He finds that as different as people are, they’re still mostly the same: they want to be understood, they like a good story, and most can be disarmed with an unexpected compliment.

    Anna met Jordan at an 80s-themed nightclub in Prague after he was struck by her unconventional dance moves.


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Kensington Cares এলাকার যত্নে কেন্সিংটন / Kensington Se Cuida

 archive : 2021

Featuring: Anna and Jordan Rathkopf

Presented by: Arts & Democracy
  • Arts & Democracy

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  • Rathkopf


View Location Details Avenue C Plaza

McDonald Ave and Avenue C
Kensington, Brooklyn

Location open 24 hours

Photographed by: Anna and Jordan Rathkopf
Featuring: Kensington-WT Mutual Aid, Pakistani American Youth Society (PAYS), People in Need, Shahana Hanif, Thai Farm Kitchen Brooklyn
Co-Sponsored by: ArtBuilt and Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY
Supported by: NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council and City Council Member Brad Lander

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