Starting at the age of ten and continuing until today, Edwin Pagán has documented the people of the South Bronx and other interconnected communities with a disciplined photographic eye that he’s trained over the course of 50 years to “see” and not merely “look.” This has allowed him to capture a full visual spectrum of the region in a manner that is a unique hallmark of his creative and compassionate visual signature.

Edwin Pagán’s Los Inocentes (The Innocents) is a documentary photoessay that focuses on the resiliency of children who live in urban communities in less-than-ideal circumstances, but who prevail and thrive beyond their environments in the South Bronx, Spanish Harlem (El Barrio), and the Lower East Side (Loisaida).

The images compiled in this photographic showcase reveal the untainted splendor of children just being themselves in everyday situations. Individually they present fleeting tableaux of precise personal incidents. Taken together, they provide a wider understanding of how universal youth resiliency really is. If from the mouth of babes comes the truth, then this metaphoric photo album speaks to the will and tenacity of human beings.

Artist Bios

  • Edwin Pagán

    Edwin Pagán is a Bronx-based multidisciplinary artist whose work centers around photography, filmmaking, sound and graphic design. Pagán was introduced to the arts at age 10 at the Hoe Avenue Boys & Girls Club, which led to his extensive careers in photography and cinematography. He is noted as one of the premiere visual artists from the Bronx, and his body of work is an intimate and humane look at the cultural idiosyncrasies of inner-city communities from an “insider’s point-of-view.”

    In 2011, he co-founded Seis del Sur, a photo collective of six photojournalism and documentary photographers who have documented the South Bronx for over four decades. A life-long fan of horror, in 2008 he founded LATIN HORROR (, an online portal that promotes Latin influenced horror. As a result, he is widely credited with establishing a distinct and valid genre in the film industry.

    More recently, Pagán has harnessed his creative skills and ventured into the virtual- and augmented-reality space to create interactive multimedia installations that take as a point of departure the same themes he’s explored in his photographic work.


Los Inocentes

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Featuring: Edwin Pagán

Curated by: Edwin Pagán

Presented by: The Bronx County Historical Society
  • The Bronx County Historical Society
  • NYC Parks


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