Salwan Georges
Salwan Georges
Vincent Alban
Katina Zentz

The project is a curated selection from winners of NPPA’s annual Best of Photojournalism Competition. Through the Best of Photojournalism competition, we recognize the work of visual storytellers around the world.

Photojournalists bear witness to history on a daily basis. There is a shared mission to inform the public by documenting life events, small and grand. Audiences rely on these journalists to ethically inform them of what is happening in their communities and to give understanding to why specific moments in time should matter to us all.

The Best of Photojournalism recognizes the ways in which this type of photography is produced and it proudly honors the journalists who do it. It also recognizes all of the steps it takes to execute compelling still and video imagery in the modern news era.


  • The National Press Photographers Association

    The National Press Photographers Association

    The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of visual journalism — its creation, practice, training, editing and distribution — in all news media and works to promote its role as a vital public service. The objects and purposes of this Association are to advance visual journalism in all its forms.

    The NPPA strives to create, promote and maintain a high spirit of community and a high standard of conduct among its members, encouraging visual journalists to reflect high standards of quality in their professional performance and in their personal code of ethics. The association also opposes violations and infringements of the rights of visual journalists or their organizations to promote a better understanding of visual journalists’ problems. By supporting legislation favorable to, and opposing legislation unfavorable or prejudicial to visual journalists, it works to maintain freedom of the press in all its forms and executes the Constitutional rights of journalists. The NPPA also cooperates with recognized local visual journalism associations consistent with the aims and objectives of NPPA, provides educational opportunities for those involved in all forms of visual journalism, and commits to reflecting diversity in all of NPPA’s activities.

NPPA Best of Photojournalism 2024

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Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: A.J. Chavar Emily Jan Linda Epstein Bob Gould Shawn Montano Ray Arzate

Presented by: The National Press Photographers Association
  • The National Press Photographers Association

Supported by:

  • Sony Corporation
  • University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication


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