Featuring: Jinhee Bae, Jong Hyeon Baek , Hyong-ryol Bak, Hyun Mok Jung, Jaegu Kang, Gyoosik Kim, Jee Won Kim, Jiwon Kim, Sung Yong Kim, Yong Hoon Kim, Eun-jong Lee, Gun Young Lee, Ik Jae Lee, Jae Hoon Lee, Wonchul Lee, Hyung-geun Park, Jae-kwang Yang, Hongkyu Yang and Do Yang Zu

This exhibit aims to introduce Korean photography past and present. The exhibition will consist of four parts: portrait, cityscape, landscape, and still-life. These are the same sections addressed in Sensation Photography magazine, in order to put the magazine within the historical context of Korean photography.

Sensation Photography is a photo magazine that introduces the unknown work of well-known photographers. Sensation Photography focuses on the work that photographers love rather than the work that is popular with the public. Five to seven photographers are cast per issue. Sensation Photography contains ‘Sure and Pure’ which means off-frame is unique. Each photographer selects images and organizes their presentation, making it important to understand the photographers’ artistic viewpoint. Sensation Photography consists of several sections, which go beyond the images: the image-making process, theme, technique and style, and the photographers’ personal world.


  • MUG Publishing

    MUG Publishing

    MUG Publishing is Seoul-based art publisher company focusing on photography and illustrations, printed matter, and more. Founded by Jin Hee Bae in 2008, we have been fortunate enough to work with fantastic individuals and organizations in art, culture, education, and corporate fields.

    Starting in 2015, we have linked photographers with each other so they could communicate with artists in other mediums. We created promotional projects and planned exhibitions, art markets, and art books on photography.

    We have participated in Photoville, New York’s largest outdoor premium photo festival, starting in 2016. In addition, many books and photographers were introduced at the Athens Photo Festival, fotofever Paris, Photo Independent LA, and more.

    Finally, this June 2019, we have opened the first photography library in Seoul.

Sensation Photography

 archive : 2016

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Jinhee Bae

Presented by: MUG Publishing
  • MUG Publishing


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