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Sharon Miller
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Sharon Miller

Within all of the marvelous artistry New York City has to offer, an entire sector of creatives is constantly being overlooked. These are our potential future creative leaders overcoming adversities within marginalized New York City communities. These youth create magnificent works of art born out of obstacles, and would thrive in a more positive career direction if only provided with the same exposure, tools, and opportunities as other creatives.

This social disconnect is what led photographer, hip hop artist, and founder of The Creative Youth Society, Sharon Miller (P.K.A. Pri the Honeydark) to create the social photo project The Creative Ambassadors Project — an empowering youth portrait exhibit celebrating our future creative leaders. The project focuses on empowering the voices of underserved creative youth by presenting them in powerful photographic editorial-style portraits based on their creative career aspirations.

The goal of this project is to build youth self-esteem and help break society’s negative perceptions of youth adversity — including homelessness, the justice system, foster care, and financial insecurity. The Creative Ambassadors Project is ongoing and open to creative youth ages 13-24 of all races, backgrounds, and gender identities.

Artist Bios

  • Sharon Miller (P.K.A. Pri the Honeydark)

    Sharon Miller is a Brooklyn-born award-winning hip hop artist, portrait photographer, visual artist, and creative educator from Queens, New York. Miller, professionally known in the entertainment industry as “Pri the Honeydark,” experienced many childhood adversities, including homelessness. It was through an introduction to the creative arts as a child that Miller began to realize her own possible greatness, and used the arts as a means to overcome her childhood obstacles. Her early introduction to the arts would later transform into a plethora of award-winning creative skills including photography, carpentry, visual and interior styling, scenery construction, music production and performance, as well as fine arts.

    Understanding where she came from, Miller is a passionate believer in using her art for social change — with a heavy focus on creative youth within marginalized communities. She founded an independent organization called The Creative Youth Society where she teaches New York City community youth the skills that empower them to seek careers within creative industries. Miller also teaches visual arts within public school and non-profit sectors, and was recently named Sony Camera’s Sony Alpha Female 2021.

    You can view more of Miller’s photography work here.


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    Photoville is a New York-based non-profit organization that works to promote a wider understanding and increased access to the art of photography and visual storytelling by producing a free annual festival, amplifying impactful narratives, and connecting artists to a wide global audience by activating accessible public spaces via large scale exhibitions.

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The Creative Ambassadors Project

 archive : 2022

Featuring: Sharon Miller (P.K.A. Pri the Honeydark)

Curated by: Sharon Miller (P.K.A. Pri the Honeydark)

Presented by: Sharon Miller for Honeydark Studios, and Photoville
  • Photoville

Supported by:

  • The Creative Youth Society
  • Honeydark Studios
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Thank you to those who helped make this project possible:


The Queens Council on the Arts:

New York Foundation for the Arts:

Sony Alpha Universe:

New York City Artist Corps

NeOn Arts:

Artistic Noise:

Mysteek Naturals Hair Color:

Make Up Artists: Eloria Michelle (, Michelle Ravelo (IG: @face.factz), and Jade Clarke (IG: @paintsbyjade)

Project Assistants: Harlon Crosby, Helixx C. Armageddon , Alexis Brandt

To all of the featured Creative Ambassadors who gave their time, effort, and inspiration to create this necessary social impact — you are powerful! You are fabulous! Thank you!

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