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The Creative Ambassadors Project

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Fulton Ferry Landing
 archive : 2022

Presented by Sharon Miller for Honeydark Studios and Photoville

The Creative Ambassadors Project is an impactful photo series showcasing underserved New York City youth in powerful editorial-style portraits based on their creative career aspirations.

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1000 Years Of Joys And Sorrows

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 2
 archive : 2021

In his widely anticipated memoir, “1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows,” world-renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei tells a century-long epic tale of China through the story of his own extraordinary life and the legacy of his father, while also illuminating his artistic process.

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Routine Crusher

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 3
 archive : 2012

Winner of the 2012 Pulse Prize, Estonian photographer Sigrid Viir delights in creating new situations that surprise, amuse, and make us feel uncomfortable, all at the same time. In “Routine Crusher,” she plays around with everyday objects and understanding.

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Events and Sessions Tagged #Art

Jun 82022

Photoville Education Field Trips: Sharon Miller

Featuring photographer Sharon Miller discussing his exhibition The Creative Ambassadors Project

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Oct 12021

Collaborative Storytelling In Art, Media, And Advocacy

Photographer Graham MacIndoe and writer Susan Stellin discuss what they’ve learned collaborating with each other—as well as participants—on projects and exhibitions addressing complex topics and stigmatized groups.

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