Photographs by participants of The Crown & Glory Project, with guidance from Sharon Miller

The Crown & Glory Project is a dynamic and ongoing photo series that celebrates underrepresented emerging young creatives within marginalized communities of New York City. Spearheaded by Sharon Miller, a photographer, teaching artist, and founder of The Creative Youth Society, this project challenges creative youth across New York City to build DIY crowns using unconventional and found materials that represent their unique and artistic personal identities. In addition to being models, subjects of this project also act as photographers, creating photo portraits of each other that celebrate their individuality and self-expression as future creative leaders.

Participants of The Crown & Glory Project are Sharon’s actual photography and visual arts students, selected from various organizations where she has served as a teaching artist, including her own organization, The Creative Youth Society, as well as NeOn Arts, Artistic Noise, and Groundswell Mural Project. It is worth noting that Sharon is also known professionally as Pri the Honeydark in the entertainment and hip-hop industries where she is an award-winning lyricist, music producer, and a member of the notable hip-hop collective, the Anomolies.

Through this exhibit, Sharon hopes to inspire others to recognize the potential that exists within young people in marginalized communities and to support their artistic endeavors. By collaborating with students from diverse backgrounds and experiences, The Crown & Glory Project seeks to highlight the range of creative talent and perspectives present in underrepresented emerging young creatives across the City of New York and eventually the globe.

Artist Bios

  • Sharon Miller (P.K.A. Pri the Honeydark)

    Sharon Miller, professionally known as Pri the Honeydark, is an award winning hip-hop artist turned portrait photographer, visual artist and creative educator from Queens, New York.

    It was through an introduction to the arts as a child that she began to realize her own possible greatness and used the arts as a means to navigate her childhood obstacles, such as poverty and homelessness.  Pri’s early introduction to the arts would later transform into a plethora of multidisciplinary creative skills, including photography, carpentry, visual & fine arts, exhibition design, music production and performance.

    Pri is a passionate believer in using her photography, and artistic practice for social change, with a heavy focus on marginalized communities. She founded an organization called The Creative Youth Society, where she teaches underrepresented NYC youth skills that empower them to seek careers within the creative industries. Pri also teaches visual arts and photography within the public school and non-profit sectors, and was recently named Sony Alpha Female for her social photo project, “The Creative Ambassadors”, where she photographed editorial style portraits of aspiring youth in underserved communities based on their creative career goals. The project was featured in Photoville NY, Click Magazine and on NY1 News.


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The Crown and Glory Project

 archive : 2023

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Sharon Miller (P.K.A. Pri the Honeydark)

Presented by: The Creative Youth Society & Honeydark Creative Studios and Photoville, in partnership with PhotoWings
  • Photoville
  • PhotoWings

Supported by:

  • The Creative Youth Society
  • Honeydark Studios


ON VIEW AT: Photocube 39

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1 Water St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Recipient of the 2023 Photoville & PhotoWings Educator Exhibition Grant

Thank you to the students and staff of The Creative Youth Society, Groundswell Mural Project, NeOn Arts, Artistic Noise, and Honeydark Creative Studios for making this project possible!

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