Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

America may be ending the 20-year “endless war,” but the way it is leaving Afghanistan will certainly mean the start of another phase of fighting in this war-torn country. As the Taliban makes rapid gains, the U.S.-trained Afghan forces are suffering in disarray—often conceding ground without a fight as many head home to provinces already captured by the Taliban. The enormous cost of war is more than $2 trillion, along with tens of thousands of lives. Sadly, Afghans have paid the highest price with more than 60,000 members of the Afghan Security Services killed; now some of them are even surrendering. Today there is little chance of creating a meaningful peace settlement with the return of the Taliban in power, along with other terrorist groups that are working behind the scenes like ISIS and al Qaeda.

Artist Bios

  • Paula Bronstein

    Paula Bronstein is a globally recognized award-winning photojournalist, best known for her work documenting humanity—covering compelling issues with extensive expertise in many of the world’s conflict regions. She has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her long career that spans over three decades, including a finalist nomination for the Breaking News 2011 Pulitzer Prize. Bronstein is the author of the internationally acclaimed photo book “Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear” (University of Texas Press, 2016). Currently freelancing in the United States, her work has been published globally and exhibited in numerous countries.


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The Last Chapter Of War In Afghanistan

 archive : 2021

Featuring: Paula Bronstein

Curated by: Paula Bronstein

Presented by: Photoville
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