Featuring: Juliana Aronoff, Heaven Bekdas, Isabel Brown, Lillian Caballes, Anneliese Chrisbacher, Tori Dorch, James Finkelstein, Vaughn Hocky, Jehiel Kaganoff, Ian Kelco, Jonas Krumholtz, Rahul Mukherjee, Isha Nadkarni, Joshua Nazzaro, Maxwell Rafkin, Shrindi Rao, Josephine Senek, Alexander Seroussi, Matthew Sharp, Samuel Ubhaus, Lynn Johnson

Neurodiverse young people help us understand, through the language of imagery, how they see the world. The Limitless Project introduces us to students who participated in a photography workshop guided by VisionWorkshops at Celebrate the Children School in Denville, New Jersey, when Leica gave them the opportunity to use the Q2 camera.

In the hands of youth who live on the autism spectrum, a camera allows them to explore how they experience the world from the inside. The students were eager to share their vision, but many expressed how difficult it was for them to control their bodies while photographing. Their images challenge traditional aesthetic norms and encourage us to reconsider the value of photography as an act of discovery, from both sides of the camera. Lynn Johnson also documented these students at school and at home in black-and-white. Taken together, these images expand our understanding of the human story, and are an invitation to celebrate our humanity as limitless.


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The Limitless Project

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Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Lynn Johnson Elizabeth Krist

Presented by: Presented by Photoville and Leica, with earlier support from VisionWorkshops
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Our thanks to Celebrate the Children School, Leica Camera USA, Kiran Karnani, Nicole Johnson, Kirsten Elstner, Stacy Gold, Rachel De Ruyter, and all the paraprofessionals and parents who made this workshop possible.

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