From the rise of Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution to its collapse into the worst economic crisis in the history of Venezuela, photojournalist Meridith Kohut has chronicled the plight of Venezuelans for the past decade.

This exhibit reflects on Kohut’s fierce determination to document stories from this region that might otherwise go unreported or unnoticed. From the hunger crisis and medicine shortages to the escalating street violence and illegal gold rush, Kohut examines the shared humanity among us; connecting viewers with people embroiled in one of the country’s most deadliest and dire crises.

As this year’s Chris Hondros Fund (CHF) & Getty Images’ awardee, Kohut’s photography fosters CHF’s mission to bring to light shared human experiences. By creating a visual history of one of the most important news stories of our time, Kohut examines the intimate lives of those living among a most violent and tragic strife, in the hopes of provoking thought, raising awareness, and fostering understanding.

Artist Bios

  • Meridith Kohut

    Meridith Kohut is an award-winning American photojournalist based in Caracas, Venezuela, where she has worked covering Latin America for the foreign press since 2007. A regular contributor to The New York Times, Meridith has produced in-depth photo essays about the rise and collapse of Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution in Venezuela, the drug trade in Bolivia, Cuba’s transition, gang violence in El Salvador, refugee and migration issues in Central America, labor rights and cholera outbreaks in Haiti, prostitution in Colombia, illegal gold mines and human rights abuses in Venezuela, and prison overcrowding in El Salvador, among others.


  • Chris Hondros Fund

    Chris Hondros Fund

    The Chris Hondros Fund was established to honor two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and Getty Images photojournalist Chris Hondros, killed on April 20, 2011 while on assignment in Misurata, Libya. The fund’s purpose is to honor Hondros’s legacy by highlighting the ways in which photojournalism brings to light shared human experiences which might otherwise go unreported or unnoticed. As part of the fund’s Education and Awareness program, we support photography and visual education for youth—particularly in underserved communities in New York City. We support individual photographers, students of photography, and nonprofits.

Unseen Venezuela

 archive : 2017

Featuring: Meridith Kohut

Curated by: Todd Heisler Christina Piaia

Presented by: Chris Hondros Fund
  • Chris Hondros Fund


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