Women coffee farmers play a vital yet often overlooked role in coffee production, contributing up to 70% of the labor to plant, harvest, and process coffee beans. Despite their significant contribution, these women frequently go unrecognized and unpaid for their efforts. Lucia Bawot, Colombian photographer and storyteller, set out to change and rewrite this narrative with her debut book “We Belong: An Anthology of Colombian Women Coffee Farmers” (2023).

This initiative evolved into a larger project, encompassing “Beans to Minds,” a pilot program focused on mental health support for 39 women coffee farmers and pickers, and “The Revolution of Belonging,” a lecture series that seeks to help women find belonging. Through her photography, Lucia aims to shed light on the lives of Colombian women coffee farmers and pickers. Her photographs are more than mere images: they’re windows through which one can glimpse the depth and complexity of the human experience. With each photograph, she peels back the layers of stereotype and stigma, inviting us to see these women not as laborers toiling in coffee fields, but as humans. This isn’t merely a photographic endeavor; it’s a cathartic exploration of identity and the power of making the invisible visible.

The most intimate work is often the most universal. In the end, we are reminded of what belonging truly is: a feeling, a connection, a shared sense of humanity that transcends borders and barriers.

Artist Bios

  • Lucia Bawot

    Lucia Bawot is passionate about transforming ideas into tangible projects. Her motto is: “Make the invisible VISIBLE.”

    After a decade of working with more than 12 leading companies in the coffee industry to form supply-chain narratives and communicate the values of their sustainability projects, in March of 2023, Lucia marked a new chapter in her professional career and independently published her debut book, “We Belong: An Anthology of Colombian Women Coffee Farmers.” This book is an artistic declaration with a humanistic approach that reveals the life stories of 25 Colombian women coffee farmers and pickers in their full spectrum. “We Belong” won 3rd Place in the Women’s Book category at the Gourmand Awards and 2nd Place/Honoree in the Best Coffee Book category at the Sprudgie Awards.

    After the publication of her book, she discovered how much passion she feels for writing and crafting stories. Currently, Lucia is brewing up two book ideas. First, a guidebook to tackle the challenge of belonging, which aims to be a tool for women who have emigrated from their homes and are searching for a sense of belonging and identity. Second, a novel that unpacks her mother’s intricate, inspiring, and trailblazing story of founding and running a transportation company during the Colombian armed conflict.

    Last but not least, Lucia is Colombian, a “montañera”, and has coffee roots that extend deep within her family. Even though she lives in the United States and has spent most of her life outside of her country, she takes refuge in and empowers herself through, the stories of her land, her family, and her childhood experiences.


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We Belong: Making the Invisible visible!

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Featuring: Lucia Bawot

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Listen to Lucia’s audio commentary on the project (available in English and Spanish) & a playlist of the women’s favorite songs here.

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