Majd Arandas
Majd Arandas

Journalists in Gaza have been killed covering the war and sheltering from it. Some have died with their colleagues; others, with their families.

They tried to report any way they could, recording scenes of carnage and rare moments of calm through photos, videos and social media posts. The images they left behind — or the words they didn’t know would be their last — allowed a glimpse into the lives of besieged Palestinians in a devastating war.

The Post has collected some of the last photos and videos these journalists shared. This is Gaza through their lens.


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What they tried to show the world

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Digital Reporting by: Ellen FrancisArtur Galocha and Joe Snell

Design and development by: Irfan Uraizee

Editing by: Reem Akkad, Joseph Moore, Olivier Laurent and Samuel Granados.


About the Team:

Ellen Francis: Ellen Francis is a breaking-news reporter in The Washington Post’s London hub. Previously, she was Reuters’s deputy bureau chief based in Beirut. She also reported from Jordan, Egypt, Japan and from Syria on the battle against the Islamic State.

Artur Galocha: Artur Galocha is a graphics reporter for The Washington Post. Before joining The Post in December 2020, he was a graphics editor at El País (Spain). Previously he worked as a graphics reporter at El Mundo, Corriere dello Sport and Público, and as an art director at the magazines Cambio 16, Tentaciones and Retina. In 2012, he founded and designed the independent soccer magazine Líbero.

Joe Snell: Joe Snell is a foreign video editor covering the Middle East, the Americas and West Europe for The Washington Post. He joined The Post in 2023. Before that, he covered the Middle East and North Africa for Al-Monitor and reported on the global Assyrian community for the Assyrian Journal.

Irfan Uraizee: Irfan Uraizee is a news designer at The Washington Post specializing in interactive and visual storytelling. Before joining The Post in 2019, he worked as a designer and developer at the Boston Globe, Gannett/USA Today and the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Reem Akkad: Reem Akkad is the visual enterprise editor for The Washington Post’s Foreign Desk, charged with imagining and executing immersive multimedia storytelling on the world’s most urgent stories.

Olivier Laurent: Olivier Laurent is a senior photo assignment editor at The Washington Post, overseeing photo coverage across the foreign, climate and health & science desks, while also working with the organization’s network of foreign correspondents and writers to offer a comprehensive international report, with a special focus on Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.

Joseph Moore: Joe Moore is a manager and editor on the newsroom’s design team. He helps with project management, art direction and storytelling across multiple platforms while overseeing design for Foreign and Climate.

Samuel Grenados: Samuel Granados is a graphics assignment editor at The Washington Post. Previously, he worked as a senior graphics editor at Reuters covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and as the head of graphics at La Nación in Argentina.

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