Rui Palha
Rui Palha

Featuring: Sally Rose Dolak, Ines Maria, Rui Palha, Kris Peterson, Gabriele Rodriquez, Sean Sweeney, Barbara van der Linde

Since 2004, Flickr has been the world’s go-to platform for photographers to share their love of visual storytelling. Flickr is where photographers go to find inspiration, motivation, and connection. This year, we celebrate two decades of connecting people across the globe through the power of photography.

Nothing showcases the tenets of Flickr better than our annual Your Best Shot contest—a long-standing annual celebration of the most inspiring photography in the Flickr universe. What started in 2007 as a playful group discussion by community members became a full-fledged contest with prizes in 2018. Your Best Shot is an opportunity for Flickr members to get sentimental and submit their most compelling images across a handful of categories at the end of each year. These photos not only embody the personal bests of our users, but also capture the diverse, dynamic essence of our global community.

At Flickr, we celebrate all forms of photography, new and old. While Flickr has evolved over the last two decades, our mission and vision have never wavered: elevating the memories, artistry, and impact of all your photos. Please enjoy the breathtaking winning photos of Your Best Shot 2023!

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About the Artists

[1] People and Portrait // “Snow Beauty” by Sean Sweeney

Sean began his journey with photography as a teenager, processing film in his parents’ basement in Milton, Massachusetts. This winning photo was taken at the Martin Luther King “Embrace” Monument on Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts.

[2] Through Her/Their Lens // “Boet & Harvey” by Barbara van der Linde

Barbara was raised with photography: her father was the chief of the Navy’s photo department in the Netherlands. “You have to be curious and that has always been part of me,” she says. This winning image was taken in Barbara’s home studio, and is a portrait of her dogs, Boet (dachshund) and Harvey (bouvier).

[3] Fine Art // “…wingsofvienna…” by Ines Maria

Photographer Ines Maria lives and works in Vienna, Austria and finds photographic inspiration constantly from the architecture around her. Ines said, “This photo captures an extraordinary building at Vienna Central Station, and my intention was to give it wings, allowing it to ‘take off’ in a delightful and mysterious ambiance.”

[4] AI Artistry // “The Four Seasons” by Gabriele Rodriquez

Italian photographer Gabriele Rodriquez has been taking photos for over 50 years. Gabriele believes that the artist’s involvement is still a fundamental part of the AI creative process. His winning image is part of a project called “Arcimboldo Women”. This project aims to create portraits of women in the style of the famous Italian painter of the 16th century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

[5] Wildlife and Nature // “Tropical Tendril Treasure” by Sally Rose Dolak

Sally spends much of her time focused on her photography, but she also enjoys gardening and caring for her chickens in Costa Rica. She offered this comment on her winning photo: “I’m always looking for tendril spirals on my walks…This one stood out to me because of the perfect display of the golden ratio.” 

[6] Landscape // “Back to the Future” by Kris Peterson

Kris Peterson of Foggy Lens Photography is a landscape photographer living in Richmond BC, Canada. This photo was captured after an arduous climb up to the Seton Lake overlook in southwestern British Columbia. From his vantage point, Kris waited patiently for a car to approach to get his winning shot.

[7] Street and Documentary // “Pigeons at Bolhao” by Rui Palha

Rui was born in Portugal and currently lives in Lisbon. This photo was taken in Bolhao Market, in Porto, Portugal. Rui explained that his winning image was captured in “….a very old and soulful market in Porto that was always full of pigeons.”


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    For 20 years, Flickr has been committed to elevating the artistry, memories, and impact of photographers worldwide. Flickr provides users with a safe and inclusive platform for sharing and connecting with each other through their passion for photography. Since its acquisition by SmugMug in 2018, these brands have united to preserve one of the world’s largest digital collections of photographs. Flickr believes in the power of photography to connect people, inspire creativity, and safely store the moments that shape our lives.

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