Brooklyn Bridge Park – The Beach

Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway,
NY 11201

Location open 24 hours.

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Archive Exhibitions Shown At This Location

Mystery Of The Disguised

Brooklyn Bridge Park – The Beach
 archive : 2021

Mystery Of the Disguised is a visual exploration of the construction of an imaginary with the oral story of a town in Veracruz called Coyolillo, an Afro-Mexican community in the south of Mexico—reframing their history to one of freedom.

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VALUE: In terms of Iconography

Brooklyn Bridge Park – The Beach
 archive : 2020

The Mz. Icar collective and Erin Patrice O’Brien have teamed up to explore value in terms of iconography. Part archival study, part portrait series, this collection of remixed photographs celebrates Black women, and the value of representation.

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