BagNewsNotes is the only site dedicated 100% to visual politics and the analysis of news images. Launched in 2004, BNN is closely followed by the political and visual media, the political blogosphere, the photo community and university communications and journalism programs. The site consists of three sections, each taking a unique approach to the still image:

BagNewsNotes was a Webby Awards finalist for Best Political Blog in 2006 and an honoree in 2014. In 2011, BagNews was included in’s list of “20 Best Photo Blogs” and also won a Picture of the Year, International award for Multimedia. ”

Archive Sessions and Events Supported by BagNewsNotes

Sep 282014

BagNewsSalon: Reading Key News Photos of 2014

Our distinguished Photoville panel will discuss ten key images that have appeared in 2014, including photos by Todd Heisler on immigration on “The Way North,” and Mario Tama on his extensive coverage of Brazil and the World Cup.

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Sep 282013

Photojournalism in Flux: A Matter of Ethics or Context?

The past year or so has been filled with controversy and debate about particular news images. An expert panel looks at key examples. The goal is to understand these debates less in terms of ethical breaches than the result of rapid shifts in aesthetics and technology and the continuing evolution of both social media and the online news/media market.

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Jun 232012

The State of the News Photo

Publisher of the award winning visual politics and photojournalism site, BagNewsNotes, Michael Shaw assess the current state of the news photo.

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