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Diversify Photo is a community of BIPOC and non-western photographers, editors, and visual producers working to break with the predominantly colonial and patriarchal eye through which history and the mass media has seen and recorded the images of our time. Our international online database is used by editors at major media outlets seeking to diversify their rosters of visual storytellers. We also create networking, exhibiting, speaking, community-building, and resource-sharing opportunities for our members.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by Diversify Photo

Eyewitness: Who Tells The Stories Of Our Time?

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 1
 archive : 2021

Eyewitness: Who Tells the Stories of Our Time? showcases the work of Eli Hiller, Sarahbeth Maney, and Joana Toro—recipients of the 2020 Eyewitness Photojournalism Grant, whose works center underreported stories across the United States.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2018

“IN/VISIBLE” is an attempt to increase visual literacy by highlighting photographs made by individuals from groups underrepresented in mass media.

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THE LIT LIST: 30 Under-the-Radar Photographers

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2018

This exhibition was curated from the winners of the inaugural LIT LIST, a list created by the Authority Collective, in partnership with Diversify.Photo, to highlight 30 talented photographers of color and other underrepresented identities.

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Archive Sessions and Events Supported by Diversify Photo

Jun 162023

LEVELING UP: “Protecting Your Copyright and Other Things That Keep Us Up at Night”

How do we protect our copyright and what are new aspects of industry that we need to be learning more about?

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Jun 152023

LEVELING UP: “Exploring Different Career Paths in the Photo World”

No one’s career looks the same. What other pathways can lead to a success within the photographic industry?

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Jun 142023

LEVELING UP: “The Birth of a (Photo) Book or Zine”

What does it take to make a photo book/zine realized?

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Jun 32023

Diversify Photo Community Happy Hour

Join us at the Opening Day Community Celebration to admire a selection of member work on the big screen and to socialize with friends and members of our Diversify Photo community!

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Jun 232022

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: “Getting What You Want & Are Worth: Freelancer Negotiations”

Hear from the photographers engaged in disseminating industry guidance and insights about what to say and not say as you navigate your photography business.

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Jun 222022

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: “Build Your Own Collective”

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned professional, every photographer needs a community.

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Jun 212022

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: “Destigmatizing Side Hustles”

It’s the big open secret of the photography community: everyone does side work. Come and hear how different rockstar photographers subsidize and develop their careers with work that’s not just editorial photography.

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Oct 72021

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: The Journey Of The Editor

Learn how to write successful grants, proposals, and pitches and what it takes to become a photo editor.

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Sep 302021

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: Pitching From the Photographers and Editors Perspectives

Want to learn how to become a successful photographer or editor? Join our workshops and learn all about Crafting Your Career.

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Sep 232021

CRAFTING YOUR CAREER: Grant Writing & Proposals For Photographers

Learn how to write successful grants, proposals, and pitches and about the in’s and out’s of being a photo editor.

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Oct 22020

Back to Business: Pitching & Marketing

This session will focus on the art of pitching, website and portfolio editing, and marketing your work.

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Sep 252020

Back to Business: Pricing & Negotiations

This session will focus on pricing structures, how to read and interpret contracts, and best practices for business negotiations.

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Sep 182020

Back to Business: Workflow

This session will focus on legal business structures, taxes and accounting, and business insurance. The workshops are especially geared towards BIPOC photographers, and are open to photographers anywhere in the world.

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