New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition

New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition

The New York State Anti Trafficking Coalition, founded by Sanctuary for Families in 2004, is an umbrella coalition of more than 140 organizational members combatting human trafficking globally and locally. The Coalition is committed to advocating for legislative change, raising public awareness about sex and labor trafficking, increasing social services for victims and survivors, and improving law enforcement response. The Coalition tirelessly works to prevent exploitation by eliminating impunity against traffickers and buyers, whose demand for commercial sex or, in the case of labor trafficking, for free labor or cheap goods, drives the global trafficking industry.

The New York State Anti Trafficking Coalition helped drive the passage of three momentous laws in New York State: The New York Anti-Trafficking Law in 2007, the Safe Harbor for Exploited Youth Act in 2010, and the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act in 2015.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition

New York’s New Abolitionists

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

The New York’s New Abolitionists, a campaign launched by the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition in 2013, seeks to raise awareness around human trafficking and modern-day slavery by recognizing and honoring those who are actively involved in the effort to combat these scourges and provide services to victims, as well as prominent figures willing to lend their stature and take a public stand to condemn trafficking and enslavement.

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