Noorderlicht Photography Foundation

Noorderlicht Photography Foundation

Noorderlicht is a many-faceted and international platform for photography that has a good story to tell. For Noorderlicht, photography is a socially inspired medium which functions as a window on the world, and which can play a role in social discussions and processes.

We do this by organizing an annual photography festival, programming exhibitions in our permanent photo gallery, producing exhibitions on demand, organizing photographic commissions and arranging discussions, lectures, and masterclasses. Noorderlicht provides an educational program, and also publishes catalogs and photo books. Our exhibitions tour worldwide, and have been seen in the United States, Syria, Australia, Indonesia, and many other lands.

Operating as a festival since 1990, Noorderlicht has built up an international reputation as an institution that is able to couple engagement with visual beauty.

In DATA RUSH, international photographers and multimedia artists examine the digital world in which we are immersed, and the field of tension between freedom and control in a virtual world.  It is perhaps the largest cross-section to date of photographic and multi-media projects dealing with current developments in the digital age, including acutely relevant topics of mass government surveillance and the loss of privacy.

Noorderlicht runs from 23 Aug – 11 Oct in the Old Sugar Factory, an impressive industrial complex in Groningen, the Netherlands, which will host the 22nd edition of the festival.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by Noorderlicht Photography Foundation

Data Rush

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

Mark Curran – The Economy of Appearances & Mari Bastashevski – It’s Nothing Personal (2015)

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The Sequel

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5 Uplands
 archive : 2013

Photographers know the frustration better than anyone else: you have invested a lot of time in a subject but know that all you have done is scraped the surface of a much more complex story. With support from the Mondriaan Fund, Noorderlicht offered seven Dutch photographers the chance to return to a subject close to their heart and deepen, sharpen or nuance their work on it with a new series.


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Cruel & Unusual

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 3
 archive : 2012

Cruel and Unusual,” curated by Hester Keijser and Pete Brook, and presented by Noorderlicht, takes a gripping look behind prison walls through the work of eleven photographers, including Amy Elkins, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Deborah Luster, and Lizzie Sadin.

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