ORWO North America manufactures 16mm & 35mm B&W film used to document and preserve art, culture and history.

Our truest intentions are to support the cinematography, sound recording, archival, photographic and lab/processing industry, by supplying the highest quality film product available.

Archive Sessions and Events Supported by ORWO

Sep 192015

Drop In: Happy Hour Film Processing

Join ORWO North America for a demonstration of new and experimental film processing techniques.

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Sep 282013

Film Winding Workshop

Brooklyn’s ORWO North America will host a live demo and workshop in 35mm, exotic, film bulk-loading. With this workshop you will learn how to spool your own film into 35mm canisters, harness exotic films not available in 35mm canister form, learn to save money on 35mm film, and expose yourself to the true romance of film handling.

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Jun 302012

Film Winding

Wind exotic 35mm cinematography film into re-usable still film canisters. Tools supplied are Bulk Loader, Dark-room Bag, Canister, and know-how. Presented by George Campbell

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