PhotoManhattan Photography School

PhotoManhattan Photography School

Established in 2003, PhotoManhattan Photography School offers an affordable means of entry and advance into the world of art and photography. We are committed to the idea of photography as an accessible means of personal expression and artistic documentation.

Archive Sessions and Events Supported by PhotoManhattan Photography School

Sep 292013

Lighting for Fashion

Students will be led through different lighting systems to produce images for both commercial and editorial use. Explore lighting, posing, and styling techniques for catalog and artistic fashion imagery.

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Sep 222013

Exposure Basics

Are your images washed out? too dark, Blurry? This seminar will cover the principles of light and exposure and how they react with your camera. We’ll cover shooting modes such as program, aperture and shutter priority, and manual mode, as well as different metering techniques and when to use them.

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