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Resource Magazine

Resource Magazine is a photo and video quarterly publication. Originally focused on photography, we quickly expanded to video when technology began to mesh the two worlds. The magazine is filled with inspiration, techniques, product reviews, photo essays and interviews with big name pros. Established professionals and aspiring image-makers alike can find something to inspire or inform them, and learn a new trick or two along the way.

Resource brings a fresh approach to the field of photo/video magazines, with a unique tone of voice and point of view. We talk to (and about) everyone involved on a shoot, from creatives working in advertising agencies, to studio staff, on-set crew and image-makers (be they photographers or videographers). Our articles are about the stuff that happens on (and off) set and the reality of working in this creative, fast-paced, and fun field.

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Sep 292013

Build Your Online Presence in One Day

The number one thing on a photographer’s mind is their photography, but how to get it out for the world to see may be a hurdle some don’t want to jump. Resource Magazine will give you the quick start guide on how to set up your website, social media presence and marketing in just one day.

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