The Center for Documentary Studies (CDS)

The Center for Documentary Studies (CDS)

The Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) opened its doors at Duke University in 1990 as the first university-affiliated institution in the United States dedicated to documentary fieldwork as an interdisciplinary mode of inquiry, drawing upon photography, filmmaking, audio, oral history, folklore, writing and – more recently – multimedia as catalysts for education and change. CDS supports the active examination of contemporary society through artistic expression, the recognition of collaboration as central to documentary work, and the presentation of experiences that heighten historical and cultural awareness. CDS is recognized nationally and internationally for its pioneering work, conducted through courses; research; oral history and other fieldwork; gallery, online, and traveling exhibitions; annual awards; book publishing; radio and other audio programs; community-based projects; and public events. The Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows Program is part of a longstanding commitment to youth-focused work at the Center for Documentary Studies.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by The Center for Documentary Studies (CDS)

Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows at Photoville 2015

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

Recent Duke University graduates – socially motivated young adults with documentary interests and experience – began collaborating with international nongovernmental organizations in 1995 as Hart Fellows, and their work became the catalyst for the Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows program launched in 2002 at the Center for Documentary Studies.

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