[ Penumbra Tintype Portrait Booth ]

Penumbra Foundation brings its portable tintype booth to Photoville, offering the opportunity to have a tintype portrait made.

Considered by many to be the Polaroid of the 19th century, the tintype is made almost instantaneously through a process that uses hand-poured chemicals on an enameled sheet of metal. Tintypes found today are often in near-original condition, passed down as family heirlooms and valued for their time-tested archival stability.

Portrait sessions can be purchased on site, with two plate sizes available; 4″ x 5” and 5″ x 7.” Everyone is welcome, including children and dogs.

All proceeds go toward supporting Penumbra Foundation’s programming.


Penumbra Foundation is a nonprofit organization that brings together the art and science of photography through education, research, outreach, public, and residency programs. Its goal is to be a comprehensive resource for photographers at any level, artists, students, professionals, historians, researchers, conservators, and curators.

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