Adam Sherwin

Instructor Adam Sherwin is one of those fortunate individuals who found a way to make what he is most passionate about commercially viable. Actually, as is often the case, good fortune only played a small role. Having a viable plan and a mountain of determination was the most important element in Adam’s journey from dark room tech, to photo assistant, photojournalist, studio manager, digital tech, producer and director for RETV, Tech Editor and now head of the social media department and partnership relations at Resource Magazine. Adam now wastes most of his time online making sure his readers and industry partners are kept up to date with the information they need to keep them in touch with everything surrounding photo, video and the incredible people that live, breathe and eat this lifestyle.

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Sep 292013

Build Your Online Presence in One Day

The number one thing on a photographer’s mind is their photography, but how to get it out for the world to see may be a hurdle some don’t want to jump. Resource Magazine will give you the quick start guide on how to set up your website, social media presence and marketing in just one day.

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