Alison Baskerville

Alison Baskerville

Alison Baskerville is a British documentary photographer and military veteran. She explores themes of conflict centered around gender stereotypes. Informed by a military career including tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, she is currently exploring the relationship to the often compartmentalised approach to war and the invisible effects on veterans and citizens involved in modern conflict. Alison’s first major piece of work, entitled “The White Picture,” looks at the role of women in the British Army. As a supporter of a more intersectional approach to gender, Alison is now looking at themes of masculinity and hypermasculinity. In addition to her photographic work, she has recently set up a movement to deliver training to female journalists in relation to sexual and gender-based violence.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Alison Baskerville

Sep 162018

Photography and Trauma: Psychological Stress and The Occupational Hazards of Exposure to Traumatic Imagery

This panel aims to highlight how common psychological stress and trauma is among journalists and discuss related topics: Why are photographers and photo editors at particular risk? What are the barriers to treating trauma and how do we address them? What resources are available?

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