Andrea Von Bujdoss

(aka graffiti surname “Queen Andrea”) is a New York City-based graphic designer, illustrator and graffiti artist. A native New Yorker raised in the vibrant Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, Andrea has been deeply inspired by the urban landscape from an early age.

As a teenager, she befriended some of the most prolific old-school graffiti writers and actively taught herself the complicated artform of graffiti. This early love of letters eventually developed into a comprehensive expertise and versatility in many typographic styles.

Andrea earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design and began a successful career, working for worldwide brands and design studios who appreciate both the urban creative flavor of her work and her versatile and passionate knowledge of typography, branding and visual communication.

Andrea has spent 15 years perfecting her typography and design skillset. With over 10 years of personal client and agency experience on widely varied brands and campaigns in branding, editorial, advertising, entertainment and fashion, Andrea continues to passionately build her knowledge and expertise.

As a diehard design enthusiast, she is constantly staying abreast of new trends, technology, art, fashion and design history alike.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Andrea Von Bujdoss

The Mash-Up

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

The Mash Up: In celebration of the Photoville opening night show, Down & Dirty, the UPI team are double-stacking two containers where photographer and curator Janette Beckman has invited celebrated street artists Cey Adams and Queen Andrea to “mash-up” two of her iconic music images larger than life.


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