Khary Mason

Khary Mason

Khary Mason was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is a former Detroit Police homicide detective. In 2020 Khary retired after serving 22 years. Looking back on his experiences, Khary often remarks on how altitude and the passage of time have given him a greater understanding of the world he seeks to change.

When Khary’s wife gave him his first camera in 2002, many years would pass before Khary realized that his emerging art practice was beginning to lay the foundation in examining the visual and written language of self defense through the art of storytelling. By studying his own lived experience, Khary was able to identify a causal link between stories being created/told by the individuals depicted in them, and their ability to inform the storyteller’s, and audience’s, belief in what is possible.

Khary, and Romain Blanquart launched Capturing Belief (CB) in 2016, a Detroit-based non profit that uses visual literacy and creative writing as instruments allowing students to better understand themselves and the world around them. In 2020 CB partnered with Inside Southwest Detroit to create “The Remote Ally Project”, an international initiative that allowed art lovers to experience the pandemic through the eyes of young people around the globe.

Khary is a Documenting Detroit Fellow (2019), studying the effects of incarceration on individuals and their families, as well as a Salzburg Global Fellow (2021), working with peers around the world on international issues of youth violence, safety, and justice. In 2022, Khary became a member of the faculty at The Kalish picture editing workshop held at Rochester Institute of Technology.

No one should be able to tell your story better than you” KM

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Khary Mason

Another Perspective

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

Another Perspective is a cross generational photo collaboration between three documentary photographers who all have direct experince with the criminal justice system.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Khary Mason

Jun 42023

Meet the Artists of: Another Perspective

Join the documentary photographers of Another Perspective. for a container-side chat about their work, their exhibition, and their cross-generational experiences with the criminal justice system.

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Jun 32023

Opening Night at PHOTOVILLE!

Join us for an evening of music, community, and beautiful visual storytelling as we celebrate how photography captures and reflects our histories.

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