Nguan was born and raised in Singapore. His photographs contemplate big city yearning, ordinary fantasies and emotional globalization. Nguan has published three photo books: Shibuya (2010), How Loneliness Goes (2013) and Singapore (2017). Singapore was named as one of the ten best photo books of the year by The New York Times Magazine. Nguan’s images have been widely seen and disseminated on social media, where his work has been featured by the Instagram accounts of CNN, The New Yorker and Instagram. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Nguan

All the Dreamers

Alice Austen House
 archive : 2023

All the Dreamers is a collection of candid portraits made on board the Staten Island Ferry between 2014 to 2022. Its images depict ferry riders in moments of repose and respite during an anxious time for the city, nation and world

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