Nicole Schilit

Nicole Schilit

Nicole Schilit is the Coordinator of the Journalist Assistance program within CPJ’s Emergencies Department. She is responsible for providing direct support to journalists in distress and advocates on behalf of exiled journalists who have been forced to flee their home countries after being targeted in response to their work. Nicole works with a global network of partner organizations to coordinate and implement assistance strategies for journalists around the world and is one of the leads in a multi-organization initiative aimed at providing more comprehensive trauma support for journalists.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Nicole Schilit

Sep 162018

Photography and Trauma: Psychological Stress and The Occupational Hazards of Exposure to Traumatic Imagery

This panel aims to highlight how common psychological stress and trauma is among journalists and discuss related topics: Why are photographers and photo editors at particular risk? What are the barriers to treating trauma and how do we address them? What resources are available?

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