Sarah Matheson

Sarah Matheson

Australian by birth and a Chicagoan by residence, Sarah Matheson is a documentary photographer, photojournalist, visual storyteller and Digital Asset Strategist.

Sarah has documented Presidents, Congressional and State elected officials, candidates, volunteers and political strategists hard at work. She has captured all sides of politics, across all parties and at all levels and just about every major rally or march you can think of.

Volunteering during the 2016 Presidential campaign, Sarah was based out of the Hillary for America Illinois office in downtown Chicago. It was here she fell in love with documenting how people engaged in the US political process at a local level. She documenting 56 political events across 4 states in 42 days.

She also designs & produces large & complex digital asset projects, from running the 50 strong Digital Media Team for the 2018 Women’s March Chicago to sourcing a digital library of 10,000 images across 156 topics for a corporate client.

In her previous 25-year corporate career in Australia, Sarah worked as a Business Development Manager in internet and marketing companies.

Married to Rob Lowe (not the actor), Sarah carries her cameras everywhere, talks about photography incessantly, much to the annoyance of Harry, her 12-year-old son. When not making photos, Sarah is doing what every other working parent is doing… juggling the demands of family life whilst trying to carve out time for spontaneous creativity.

Sarah holds Illinois Secretary of State and Illinois House of Representatives Media Credentials, is an APA (American Photographic Association) National Member and a member of the Chicago Women in Photography community.

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