Vivian Keulards

Vivian Keulards was born and raised in the Netherlands and successfully graduated as a portrait photographer at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. In the past, she gained a Master Degree in Communication Science where her fascination for images and photography started. One year after her graduation at the Photo Academy, she moved to Colorado with her family and lived there for three years. During this period of time she learned a lot about photography, her work and herself.

Her work is always about human beings. She loves to meet new people, preferably outside of her own familiar world. She’s fascinated by their self-consciousness, their captivating appearances, their vulnerability and/or life stories. Her projects are sometimes documentary-based and sometimes fine arts-based.

Her work has been published, exhibited and rewarded internationally. Some of the portraits are part of collections (like the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston). Last year she was a Critical Mass top 50 winner and in September her first book Flaming Grace (art portraits of red-headed children) will be published.

Nowadays, Vivian is back in the Netherlands, where she works on her own photography projects and on assignments. She also teaches classes and workshops.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Vivian Keulards

Me and My Selfie

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2016

It’s fascinating to watch how people present themselves in the digital world of social media. I specifically find teenagers intriguing to observe.

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