Featuring: Alejandra Gonzalez, Ashley Sanchez, Greisy Hernandez, Jennifer Alvarez, Katherine De La Cruz Lee, Anne Harrison, Maria Romero, Maya Rosado, Michelle Montecinos, Romina Estrada, Rubi García, Tonali Murillo

Las Fotos Project began as a photography mentorship organization in 2010 seeking to create a space where young women and girls could strengthen their self-efficacy through creative expression. Esta Soy Yo, our founding mentorship program, is an innovative, project-based learning model which utilizes a therapeutic photography methodology, providing students with critical thinking, visual communication, and media literacy.

The Las Fotos Project student introduction to photography is through our Esta Soy Yo program. As they learn essential technical skills involved in photography, they also develop a deeper understanding of their respective voices, visions, and creative practices.

Esta Soy Yo at Photoville Los Angeles features self-portraits created over the course of eight years, reflecting each girl’s individuality and photographic creativity. Through mentorship, experiential learning and creative photo assignments, the girls were able to reveal unique stories about growth, empowerment, openness, and courage.

The photographs presented in this landmark retrospective exhibition and limited edition catalogue are captivating, playful, and intimate. The narratives in this retrospective provide a counterbalance to the cultivated stories projected onto Los Angeles’ youth culture.

They focus on locations and objects that symbolize the personalities, values, and environments of teenage girls growing up in Los Angeles’ often overlooked communities.

Through self-portraiture, they express their full selves – their joys, talents, and quiet contemplations. While each individual moment may seem like a fleeting point in time, collectively they make up a key part of Los Angeles’ true youth identity.


  • Las Fotos Project

    Las Fotos Project

    Las Fotos Project is a nonprofit, community-based photography organization whose mission is to bring about positive change for girls living in working-class communities across Los Angeles. Through one-on-one mentoring and innovative photography programming, Las Fotos Project guides girls through a journey of self-awareness, community building, and creativity.

    Since its founding in 2010, Las Fotos Project has established 150 community partnerships, provided 52,000+ hours of free arts programming serving more than 1,200 teenage girls thanks to over 350 local artists who have mentored for more than 5,500 hours.

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Esta Soy Yo, A Retrospective of Las Fotos Project’s Teen Self Portraits

 archive : Photoville LA

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: Las Fotos Project
  • Las Fotos Project


View Location Details Annenberg Space for Photography

Century Park,
2000 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles,
CA 90067

Location open 24 hours

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