Alice Proujansky
Alice Proujansky
Alice Proujansky
Alice Proujansky
Alice Proujansky

Most families don’t have their parents’ FBI files in dusty boxes. Mine does.

This project describes the legacy of my parents’ participation in radical leftist groups, including Weatherman and the Native American Solidarity Committee, which sought to overthrow imperialism and capitalism through organizing and revolution.

My parents believed that another world was possible, that together they could forge a more just future for humanity. Their utopian dreams of Marxist-Leninism, feminism, and fairness are deeply compelling — but intensely rigid.

They fell in love while planning a 60,000-person demonstration in 1976. (Friends joked it would never last — my mom was a Marxist, my dad an anarcho-communist.) The story of their activism is the story of me.

This heritage inspires me, but it can also be oppressive, with enormous pressure to hew to the party line. Our family unit was its own political movement, nation-state, culture, and system of belief.

Mainstream histories of Weatherman focus on curdled utopianism, charismatic individuals, flower children gone druggy and dark. But my family’s archive offers a fuller understanding. Violence and dogma played their part in the movement, but so did a beautiful dream of shared labor, equity, and justice. This project shows unyielding expectations, but also familial love and loyalty, humor, and a search for nuance.

How can I live up to these expectations? Do I want to? Which parts of these perspectives will I keep, and which will I discard?

Artist Bios

  • Alice Proujansky

    Alice Proujansky

    Alice Proujansky is a documentary photographer and writer covering family labor: birth, work, motherhood, and identity.

    She is now working on a Hard Times are Fighting Times photo book, photo essays about culturally-responsive birth work, and photography and visual literacy workshops.

    Proujansky has taught photography since 2002 and was the lead curriculum writer for On Sight, Aperture’s photography and visual literacy curriculum. Her first book, Go Photo! An Activity Book for Kids was published by Aperture.

    Proujansky grew up in Greenfield, MA. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photography and Imaging and lives in Brooklyn with her family.


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Hard Times are Fighting Times

 archive : 2022

Featuring: Alice Proujansky

Presented by: Photoville
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