The Economic Hardship Reporting Project (EHRP)

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project (EHRP)

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project (EHRP) produces quality journalism about—and often by—Americans who are experiencing economic injustice. Our nonprofit supports independent journalists and photographers so they can create gripping stories that counter common poor-shaming narratives. We then inject these stories into the mainstream media, mobilizing readers to change systems that perpetuate inequality.

Archive Exhibitions Supported by The Economic Hardship Reporting Project (EHRP)

Boss Workers

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5
 archive : 2021

American work has gotten increasingly unstable. It’s no wonder an increasing number are drawn to a model of working that gives them back some power. Welcome to worker co-ops—businesses where the workers literally own the place. Now, they are springing up across the nation.

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The Geography of Poverty

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

The most vulnerable Americans are being crushed by the grip of poverty, from the deserts of the Southwest through the black belt in the South, to the post-industrial, rusting factory towns that dot the Midwest and Northeast.

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Archive Sessions and Events Supported by The Economic Hardship Reporting Project (EHRP)

Oct 72021

Good Work: Worker Co-Operatives And Transformative Labor Photography

Co-operative businesses are returning workers’ power. These photographers have shown both the beauty and the effort of when Americans get to be their own bosses.

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Sep 252016

Aftermath: What the Legacy of Inequality Looks Like

The Economic Hardship Reporting Project presents a discussion with four of our video grantees about the process of making visual works that address important American aftermath issues, including: the Great Migration of African Americans from the South to the North; urban neglect; and the cultural conflict over abortion sparked by Roe v. Wade.

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Sep 202015

The American Dream: Documenting Economic Inequality in America

This panel gathers veteran photographers who have made it their life’s work to document stories of poverty and inequality with empathy, depth and curiosity. Motivated by their personal experiences in economically depressed areas, they explore and illustrate what economic inequality looks like in the U.S.

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