Aidan Sullivan

Aidan Sullivan

Aidan Sullivan started his career as a staff photographer for a local newspaper in the U.K.

He then freelanced as a news photographer in Fleet St., traveling extensively to cover stories, events and conflicts in Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, India and Pakistan, among others. From there, Aidan became the Director of Photography at The Sunday Times of London and The Sunday Times Magazine.

During that time, Aidan also cofounded, a leading distributor of high-resolution publicity materials for major entertainment companies. Getty Images acquired in 2004. In 2005, Aidan moved to New York and became Vice President of Photo Assignment for Getty Images, managing editorial and commercial assignments via Orchard and Global Assignment. In 2009, he created the new Reportage division, which attracted a number of internationally renowned award-winning photojournalists, and is now considered one of the leading sources of documentary photography.

In 2013, with the rapid decline in editorial budgets, Sullivan focused on the rapidly expanding CSR market, which led to his decision to launch Verbatim, a new and unique agency representing internationally renowned photojournalists and videographers who are not only highly experienced in photojournalism, but also adept at commercial and advertising photography. Collectively, they have been assigned by all of the major publications globally, received every prestigious editorial industry award, and have worked with many of the world’s leading Brands, NGOs and Foundations.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Aidan Sullivan

The Getty Images Legacy Collection

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Getty Images, and it seemed highly appropriate to create a special collection that would not only mark this important milestone but also provide a fitting and ongoing legacy, to showcase the very best of Getty Images’s unprecedented photography.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Aidan Sullivan

Sep 152017

Creativity & Collaboration: How a Campaign Comes to Life

Panelists Aidan Sullivan, CEO of Verbatim; Lauren Steel, Visual Director of Verbatim; and filmmaker and photographer Gillian Laub will discuss how they worked together to produce powerful, award- winning content with integrity, plus how the creative process evolved from start to finish.

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