Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha Kazim is a photographer working between New York City, Cape Town, and London. She utilizes analog and digital mediums to capture the intimate, transient moments of everyday life. Her British, Nigerian, and South African background influences her desire to create nuanced portraits that speak to a wide range of audiences and communities. Ayesha’s creative practice balances introspection and curiosity as she photographs subjects exuding resilience, power, and quiet confidence.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Ayesha Kazim

Unsung Heroes of Public Health

Old Fulton Street and Prospect Street Snug Harbor Cultural Center
 archive : 2023

Unsung Heroes of Public Health aims to reframe and widen the historical narrative of public health, by spotlighting individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to public health milestones in New York City. For a city of 8 million, public health requires a multitude of approaches working together – community activism, research & innovation, information sharing and mentorship. These are stories of perseverance and dedication to shaping a healthier future for those to come.

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