Ruddy Roye

Ruddy Roye

Ruddy Roye is a Cleveland-based documentary photographer known for his coverage of race relations in America and the diaspora at large. He has over fifteen years of experience and specializes in editorial and environmental portraiture as well as photojournalism.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Ruddy Roye

When Living Is a Protest

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2015

Sixty years ago, just marching was considered an act of protest. Actually, in 1969, a group of young men burnt down 40 buildings in the town of Clinton South Carolina, after feeling that the pressure put on them by the Ku Klux Klan was too much to bear. That was their protest.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Ruddy Roye

Oct 172021

Delirious Visibility: The Work Of Media Literacy In The Age Of Digital Overconsumption

In the deluge of information transparency, how do we – image-makers, storytellers, content creators – become agents of a future historicity that can rage against the obsc(r)ene?

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Oct 42020

Redeveloping Our Narrative Through the Photographic Lens With Ruddy Roye and Devin Allen

Explore today’s important conversations and the moments in between at each focal point. Acclaimed documentary photographers, Ruddy Roye and Devin Allen give us their unique perspectives and the backstory on capturing the shot.

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Sep 142019

Weapon of Choice | Dialogue with Travon Free and Ruddy Roye

Photographers and writers Ruddy Roye and Travon Free discuss how and why their cameras are not only an important weapon in modern storytelling, but through demonstrations of their work, will explain why it’s critical to the landscape of photography for black and marginalized people to be the ones telling these stories.

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Sep 252016

Diverse Voices in the Media

With this panel discussion, we aim to provide the audience with a better understanding of how and why the lack of diverse voices in the media leads to “outsiders” being tasked with documenting communities other than their own.

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Sep 202015

Under Fire: Black Photographers Creating Agency in a “Post-Racial” America

This panel will convene Black photojournalists who have covered the recent resurgence in incidents of and outrage over racial discrimination nationwide.

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Sep 212014

The Everyday Movement and the Uphill Battle Against Media Stereotypes

Since the @everydayafrica feed launched on Instagram two years ago, the concept has grown into a global movement of photographers using daily-life imagery to fight stereotypes on a community, city, country, or continent level: from @everydaybronx to @everydayasia, from @everydaylatinamerica to @everydayiran, from @everydayusa to @everydayeasterneurope, and dozens more.

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