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Delirious Visibility: The Work Of Media Literacy In The Age Of Digital Overconsumption

In the deluge of information transparency, how do we – image-makers, storytellers, content creators – become agents of a future historicity that can rage against the obsc(r)ene?

Presenters: Ruddy Roye Rebecca Lee Sanchez

Location: Online

Presented by:

  • Leica Camera

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  • PhotoWings

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From its onset in popularity, social media has proven to have both an unprecedented power and danger, which have each been heightened in the last few years as we watch misinformation run rampant and communities harness the power of the platform in the name of social justice. It is a fast moving public sphere that has become unwieldy in part because it creates so much instant visibility that we are often unable to keep up. We don’t yet understand how to read visually in the way these platforms demand, and so we all end up attempting to communicate in a language we don’t yet know. This talk will be an introduction into our project, Delirious Visibility, which works under the information deluge as a critique. Using images by Ruddy Roye and words by Rebecca Lee Sanchez, it brings to the fore those conditions and causes for the events we are watching unfold, while teaching viewers how to look upon them with a clearer understanding that bridges the information on the screen and the material reality on the ground, and makes visible the faces from those communities affected by the conversations that inform our politics and policy, as a reminder that the fates of real lives are at stake. Further, we will explain how we are all agents in the production of a history that relies on our image-making and storytelling, and why it is imperative that we understand every move we make as one belonging to a Future Historicity.

Presenter Bios

  • Ruddy Roye

    Ruddy Roye

    Ruddy Roye is a Cleveland-based documentary photographer known for his coverage of race relations in America and the diaspora at large. He has over fifteen years of experience and specializes in editorial and environmental portraiture as well as photojournalism.

  • Rebecca Lee Sanchez

    Rebecca Lee Sanchez

    Rebecca Lee Sanchez is a Brooklyn-based freelance multimedia journalist currently working for National Geographic, and a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School, where she is earning her Doctorate in Philosophy and Media and Communications.


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