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Events and Sessions Tagged #Marketing

Sep 202014

How to Grow Your Business Through Instagram

If you want to grow your network, a platform like Instagram can be a game changer. But is brand awareness the only juice you can squeeze from that lemon? Not anymore. In this panel, learn how photographers are using Instagram to draw in clients and land paying gigs, plus discover how brands are turning to photographers on Instagram to reach new audiences.

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Sep 192014

Conversation: Essential Marketing Tips for Photographers with Zero Time

Andrew Fingerman, CEO of PhotoShelter and Anna Dickson, Photo Editor at The Huffington Post, will discuss essential marketing tips for the multi-tasking photographer on-the-go who wants to find the best recipe to attract and engage the right audience online and turn them into loyal clients.

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Sep 292013

Build Your Online Presence in One Day

The number one thing on a photographer’s mind is their photography, but how to get it out for the world to see may be a hurdle some don’t want to jump. Resource Magazine will give you the quick start guide on how to set up your website, social media presence and marketing in just one day.

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Sep 272013

Luminance: Guerilla Marketing For Photographers With Little-To-No Time

PhotoShelter CEO and marketing guru Andrew Fingerman will share his tips on how to get the word out and attract potential clients. We guarantee you’ll walk away with at least one idea you can implement the next time you’re racking your brain for innovative marketing ideas.

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Sep 222013

Ask A Web Designer Anything

Question and Answer format. I invite and pose questions and give honest and specific answers drawing on the following themes as a framework: websites and portfolios, blogs, hosting, speeding up your website, SEO, social media, online advertising, workflow, one size fits no-one, making a website for the long term.

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Sep 202013

Motivation, Marketing and Moxie

Geared towards marketing, this one-hour workshop is designed for artists who are ready to take control of their careers and move towards their goals at a swift pace.

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