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Behind the Reporting: Pablo Albarenga and Ana Maria Arévalo

Pulitzer Center grantees Pablo Albarenga and Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen, in conversation with Marina Walker Guevara, discuss their approaches to photographing marginalized communities.

Speakers: Pablo Albarenga Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen

Moderators: Marina Walker Guevara

Location: Online

Presented by:

  • The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

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  • PhotoWings

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Indigenous peoples throughout the Amazon rainforest are acting to protect their territories, their traditions, and rich biodiversity. They are combining technology and ancestral knowledge to foster a creative and alternative way to preservation and survival, in spite of the many threats of destruction they face.

In Venezuela, female imprisonment entails waiting for years—under cramped and deplorable conditions—before moving on to trial and being judged. Will these women ever be able to return to society upon release? What do their conditions tell us about the state of the Venezuelan society?

Pulitzer Center grantees Pablo Albarenga and Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen, in conversation with Marina Walker Guevara, discuss their approaches to photographing marginalized communities.

Please make sure to also check out corresponding exhibitions Seeds of Resistance and Días Eternos: A Portrait of the Life of Female Prisoners in Venezuela.

Speaker Bios

  • Pablo Albarenga

    Pablo Albarenga

    Pablo Albarenga (b. Montevideo, 1990), is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller exploring human rights issues in Latin America. He was awarded the 2020 Photographer of the Year in the Sony World Photography Awards for his Seeds of Resistance series. Albarenga is a Pulitzer Center Grantee, and a National Geographic Explorer. As a photographer, he has dedicated his work to investigating, studying, and photographing the colonization process that is still affecting traditional populations in Latin America. Many communities are being threatened by huge development projects that aim to exploit the natural resources available in their territories, such as minerals, wood, and extensive agriculture.

  • Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen

    Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen

    Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen is a Venezuelan visual storyteller focusing on women’s rights. Mixing rigorous research with intimate stories, she aims to make a positive impact through her projects. In 2017-2019, she reported the story Días Eternos about the conditions of women in preventive detention centers and prisons in Venezuela. The project was supported by grants from Women Photograph and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. She is the recipient of the Lucas Dolega award, first place in the Pictures of the Year Latam in the category The Strength of Women, and the LUMIX prize. Her work has been exhibited at the LUMIX festival for young photojournalists, Manifesto festival in Toulouse, France, and the International Women Photography Association. Ana is a National Geographic Explorer and divides her time between Venezuela and Bilbao.

Moderator Bios

  • Marina Walker Guevara

    Marina Walker Guevara

    Marina Walker Guevara is the Executive Editor at the Pulitzer Center. For the past fourteen years, Walker Guevara held leadership positions at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). She managed the two largest collaborations of reporters in journalism history: the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers, which involved hundreds of journalists using technology to unravel stories of public interest from terabytes of leaked financial data. Her work as a journalist started in her native Argentina, and her stories have appeared in The Washington PostMiami Herald, Mother Jones, Le Monde, the BBC, and more. She has won or shared more than fifty national and international awards, including the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting. She was a John S. Knight fellow at Stanford University, and has received the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service from her alma mater, the Missouri School of Journalism. Walker Guevara sits on the board of directors of the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) and is a co-founder of the Latin American Center for Investigative Journalism (CLIP).


  • The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

    The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

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