Li Qiang
Li Qiang
Li Qiang
Li Qiang
Li Qiang

Chinese veterans of the Second World War are scattered in remote villages in China. A lot of them are ignored by the society. There are just several thousand registered WWII veterans who are still alive in China, and their average age is above 90 years old. Each veteran’s life is a legend. For example, one 93-year-old veteran became a monk later, living in a temple in Hunan Province, praying for the 8,000 comrade-in-arms buried near the temple who died in the battle with 90,000 Japanese.

Chinese documentary photographer Li Qiang spent nearly one month in July 2015, visiting ten places in four Chinese provinces to shoot around 50 veterans. This year is the 70th anniversary year for the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese War and the world’s anti-Fascism war, an opportunity for everybody to recall the history and the ignored heroes.

Artist Bios

  • Li Qiang

    From July 2006 to January 2012, Li Qiang was the photojournalist at the Beijing News, covering breaking news all around China. From January 2012 to November 2014, he was the vice director of the Photography Department at China News Week magazine. Li Qiang has won over 100 national and international photography awards, including the China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) four times, and the Annual Outstanding Photographer at the 18th Golden Lens China Press Photo Contest in 2010.

    In November, 2014, Li Qiang founded Yihe Media Training Workshop. Working in the photography industry for over one decade, Li Qiang is a rich resource to China, devoting himself to promote Chinese photographers in the world, and connecting them with the market.


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    Yihe aims at connecting photographers and the market in a transparent and efficient way, respecting the value of good photographs and the photographers. We hold international workshops and international exchange activities to promote Chinese photographers in the world. We have helped hundreds of them to participant in international photo contests, and have won various awards in 2015.

WWII Chinese Veterans

 archive : 2015

Featuring: Li Qiang

Curated by: Siqi Yang

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