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Featuring: Various Artists

#ThisIs18 aims to capture what life is like for 18-year-old girls across oceans and cultures. The project was shot entirely by other young women, ages 17 to 22.

A Chronicle of Chance Intersections

Featuring: Rafaella Castagnola

A multimedia installation that through evidentiary material, tells the story of a deadly car crash in Brooklyn and its impact on the community.

A Family in Transition

Featuring: Jackie Molloy

A Family in Transition is a photographic essay documenting the lives of Tanner, a transgender male, and his partner David, as they grapple with Tanner’s unexpected pregnancy, the birth of their daughter Paetyn, and their life together as new parents.

A Persisting Witness

Featuring: Andrea Bruce, Bryan Denton, Kiana Hayeri, Chris Hondros, Meridith Kohut, and Tamara Merino

A Persisting Witness hopes to show the vital role photojournalists play in securing our access to stories that might otherwise go unnoticed or unreported, and often at great personal risk.

Absent Monuments: Brooklyn Waterfront

Featuring: Rose DeSiano

As part of an ongoing series, artist Rose DeSiano has been erecting obelisks throughout New York City. By marking the landscape, she has been sharing histories and honoring many great people

ASMP’s 75th Anniversary

Featuring: Members throughout ASMP’s history–from past legends to current contemporary talent.

ASMP launches its 75th Anniversary celebration with a retrospective exhibition including iconic images from members throughout ASMP’s history–from past legends to contemporary creators.

BORN FREE – Mandela’s Generation of Hope

Featuring: Ilvy Njiokiktjien

In 1994, twenty five years ago, Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president and his nation was a free country. The children born around that time are now young adults: the born-free generation for whom racial segregation is a thing of the past. But how free are they now?

Bronx Activists

Featuring: Various Artists

The BDC’s Bronx Junior Photo League (BJPL) spent the 2017-2018 school year interviewing and photographing Bronx activists from the ’70s and today, who originally started, and continue to be community leaders on issues such as: public housing conditions, gun violence, public safety and more.

Caminantes: The Venezuelan Exodus

Featuring: Felipe Jacome

Los Caminantes by Felipe Jácome, explores the causes and consequences of the Venezuelan crisis through a series of silver emulsion prints of the country’s exodus, transferred onto the country’s now-defunct currency.

Cimarrona: Women and African Spirituality

Featuring: Johis Alarcón

This ongoing project explores the representation of women and African spirituality: as guardians of ancestral African practices, as a method of cultural preservation, and to challenge the cultural resistance of the diaspora in the Ecuadorian territory.

Community Heroes

Featuring: Various Artists

Community Heroes is a community organizing and public art project celebrating the everyday heroes of our neighborhoods.

Covering a Crisis: Media Representation of Overdose in America

Featuring: Christopher Cappoziello, Jordan Gale, Ryan Christopher Jones, Rebecca Kiger

By questioning the main visual tropes in mainstream media of drug use and overdose, and challenging sensationalist coverage, this exhibit explores how photojournalism impacts public health.

Duggal Presents: How to Prep Your Work for Print

Featuring: Various Artists

Duggal Presents: One on one discussions, interactive demonstrations, and tips to learn how to print your photography with confidence.

El Worker’s Studio / El Estudio de los Trabajadores

Featuring: Various Artists

Project Luz presents El Workers’ Studio, a series of images created in collaboration with communities of immigrant workers.

Family Incarceration: Never Again is Now

Featuring: Emily Hanako Momohara

For Freedoms is excited to present artworks initially revealed as part of their fall 2018 50 State Initiative.

Flavor Feast and Intergalactic Travel Bureau

Rethink everything you thought you knew about taste at the Flavor Feast, a pop-up party for the senses! Envision your dream vacation to outer space at the Intergalactic Travel Bureau.

Forced from Home

Featuring: Āʾishah Abu al-Qiʿān, Riḍa Abu al-Qiʿān, Rimāl Abu al-Qiʿān, Ruqayyah Abu al-Qiʿān

At risk daily of having their homes demolished, left with no water, electricity, or any other basic services, four courageous Arab-Bedouin women have documented their lives, as the State of Israel forced them and their families–who are Israeli citizens, to say goodbye to everything they call home.

From Tragedy to Light, 30 Years of The Alexia

Featuring: The Alexia Grant Recipients 1991-2018

Homage and immersion into the power of documentary photography, From Tragedy to Light, 30 Years of The Alexia, is a compendium of the powerful history of The Alexia Grant, and its quest to support photojournalism that drives change.

Get It and Come Back

Featuring: Kierra D. Branker

Get It and Come Back is an ongoing series of expanding representations of the Caribbean-American experience. Kierra Branker creates images that parallel her shared experience of heritage in a distant homeland.

Growing Up Amelia

Featuring: Robin Schwartz

Through photographing adventures undertaken with her daughter, the artist blurs the lines between human and animal, where animals are part of our world and humans are part of theirs.

How We See Ourselves

Featuring: Various Artists

An exhibition of work from a collective of Indigenous photographers working across Turtle Island (North America).

Identity and Fashion

Featuring: Students of the High School of Art & Design and The High School of Fashion Industries

Our exhibition features large prints–collaborations between our Fashion Design and Photography students, which include statements about the creative process.

Inequality and Climate Change: The Double Threat to Life on Earth

Featuring: Various Artists

Through the work of global photographers, the United Nations Development Programme brings into focus the compound threat of rising inequality and climate change.

Jalila: Surviving War and Famine in Yemen

Featuring:Nariman El-Mofty

This project was born of a determination to focus attention on a conflict that has raged since 2015, but received little notice, even as it caused the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Journalists Under Fire

Featuring: Various Artists

The life and work of a select number of visual journalists who have been killed in the line of duty, as well as those who are currently under threat for delivering the news we too often take for granted.


Featuring: Various Artists

Recent works by Parsons Masters of Fine Arts in Photography students.

Kibera Stories

Featuring: Brian Otieno

Kibera Stories shares the realities of life inside Africa’s largest slum and its people, its talent, and its potential, while providing insight and raising awareness about life inside the slum.

La Última

Featuring: Verónica G. Cárdenas

La Última, The Last One, shows trans women preparing to seek asylum with dignity in the U.S., while waiting in unsafe conditions in a shelter in Tijuana.


Featuring: Miora Rajaonary

LAMBA is an ongoing photography project by Miora Rajaonary intended to show how the lamba, a traditional Malagasy garment, serves as a symbol of the island’s cultural heritage, pride, and a form of empowerment for Malagasy people.

Latin American Fotografía y Ilustración 7 LOS DIEZ by Epson

Featuring: Various Artists

The LOS DIEZ exhibit was judged by an international jury of top creatives who commission illustration and photography for use in magazines, advertising, books, posters, packaging, and promotion.

Looking Inside: Portraits of Women Serving Life Sentences

Featuring: Sara Bennett

Looking Inside—Portraits of Women Serving Life Sentences, features twenty portraits of women convicted of homicide. Accompanying the photos are the subjects’ handwritten statements.

Love Yourself: The Girls of Nyal, South Sudan

Featuring: Noura Nyal Kids, Andreea Câmpeanu, Rhea Catada, Bruno Bierrenbach Feder

In South Sudan, where years of conflict and poverty has forced families to marry off young daughters in order to survive, Oxfam worked with young women in Nyal, South Sudan to document their challenges, hopes, and dreams for the future looking through the lens of a camera.


Featuring: Rachel Wisniewski

Memento is a diptych portrait series based on the #MeToo movement that Rachel Wisniewski has been working on since October 2017.

Native America

Featuring: Tailyr Irvine

The exhibit is focused on dismantling stereotypical Native American coverage in the mainstream media with diverse images that present a contemporary viewpoint of what Native America looks like in 2019.

New Works from the Department of Photography & Imaging Alumni

Featuring: Various Artists

A showcase of recent work from alumni of the Department of Photography & Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

New York Film Academy: FAYN Magazine

Featuring: Various Artists

An exhibition of selected photographs from FAYN Magazine, a publication of student, faculty, and alumni photography by Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy..

No Wahala, It’s All Good: A Spiritual Cypher within the Hip-Hop Diaspora

Featuring: Adama Delphine Fawundu

No Wahala, It’s All Good: A Spiritual Cypher within the Hip-Hop Diaspora is a representation of the cultural connection between Africa and its diaspora.

Of Love and War

Featuring: Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario’s Of Love and War is a photography book of the stunning images she has made while reporting from crisis and war zones all across the world.

One Day, I Will

Featuring: Vincent Tremeau

One Day, I Will portrays girls trapped in humanitarian crises dressed up to show who they want to be in the future.


Featuring: Elias Williams

As part of the OPEN DOORS arts and justice initiative, the Reality Poets are men who have been harmed by gun violence using storytelling, hip-hop, and the spoken word, challenging their audiences to combat the injustice that breeds violence in New York City neighborhoods.

OYAKO (Japanese parents & children)

Featuring: Bruce Osborn

OYAKO, a series on Japanese parents and children, explores how culture changes and adapts as it moves from one generation to the next.


Featuring: Various Artists

The Authority Collective presents queer artists of color who are re-visioning the lexicon that imagines the queer form, framing it as beautiful, strong, complex, and multi-faceted.

Past Tense: DUMBO Before Instagram

Featuring: Photographers from The New York Times archive

Through rarely published photographs from The New York Times’s archive, viewers can travel back in time to experience the streets and buildings of Photoville’s neighborhood, before becoming the DUMBO we see and experience today.

PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers 20th Anniversary: Then and Now

Featuring: Various Artists

The photographers of PDN’s 30 2019: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch, and highlighted work by many of PDN’s 30 photographers from the past 20 years.

People, Earth, and Experimental Korean Photography 1

Featuring: Various Artists

People, Earth, and Experimental shows the appearance of a person exposed in the photographic media, changes on the ground, and experimental interpretations by Korean photographers.

People, Earth, and Experimental Korean Photography 2

Featuring: Jinhee Bae

People, Earth, and Experimental shows the appearance of a person exposed in the photographic medium, changes on the ground, and experimental interpretations by Korean photographers.


Featuring: Various Artists

A collection of black and white, and color photographs, featuring the work of a distinctive group of individual photographers, all printed courtesy of Digital Silver Imaging.

PhotoShelter Presents #PSyougotthis

Featuring: PhotoShelter Members

An exhibition of incredible PhotoShelter member photography, complete with an interactive display of inspiration and advice for emerging artists.

Playboy Behind the Lens

Featuring: Various Artists

Sixty-five years ago we started a conversation about sex, pleasure, and freedom. Now is the time to take the conversation further.


Featuring: Claire Rosen

Claire Rosen offers a new perspective on tradition with portraits of creatures photographed against complementary backdrops with reproductions of historic wallpaper popular during the Victorian era.

Redefining Representation: The Women of the 116th Congress

Featuring: Elizabeth D. Herman & Celeste Sloman

The first woman was sworn into Congress in 1917, 128 years after the first U.S. Congress convened. One hundred and two years later, one has become 131—the number of women serving in both chambers of the 116th Congress.

Romans 13:10

Featuring: Richard Misrach

Romans 13:10—originally featured in Las Cruces, New Mexico–is taken from Richard Misrach’s latest series Border Cantos, and includes eight suites of photographs from his ongoing series Desert Cantos.

Ruby Washington: A Trailblazer in Photojournalism

Featuring: Ruby Washington

Ruby Washington, the first African-American female staff photographer for The New York Times, passed away in September 2018.

Scars of Racism

Featuring: Travis Fox

Scars of Racism seeks to document the lasting physical reminders of racism on the American landscape.

See, Be Seen

Featuring: Various Artists

The eight photographers in See, Be Seen address their interpretation of the city they live in. The images do not simply represent views of the city, they aim to offer deeper insights of their city: the scene, the history, the people, and the imagination.

Segregation by Design

Featuring: Jamahl Richardson with the students in UNIS Human Rights Project

Segregation and the City is a photojournalism project that examines the lasting impacts of redlining and segregation across different zip codes in NYC, and lifts up the work of those working to end it.

Self Inverted

Featuring: Junlin Zhu 朱俊林

Self Inverted tackles the personal tension commonly felt by gay Chinese individuals struggling with self-acceptance, and acceptance from their family and society.

Sell your Photography & Art to a Global Community

Featuring: Various Artists

Create your free online photography portfolio and receive 90% commission on every piece sold.

Silicon Valley Grows Up

Featuring: Laura Morton

Silicon Valley, the center of the tech industry, is still the land of opportunity, but now it’s confronting the human cost of its success. The new buzzwords: responsibility and empathy.

Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ’80s

Featuring: Joseph Rodríguez

Shot in the mid-to-late 80s, Joseph Rodríguez’s photographs bring us into the core of Spanish Harlem, capturing the spirit of a people that survive despite the ravages of poverty, and more recently, the threat of gentrification and displacement.

Stories for the Arctic Refuge

Featuring: Various Artists

Stories for the Arctic Refuge explores the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge along with the hundreds of species that depend on it, as well as the Gwich’in and Iñupiat people who rely on it to live, and the big industries that threatens its existence.

The Closet As Archive

Featuring: Dr. Deborah Willis

The Closet As Archive explores the ways in which the concept of memory, beauty, and desire is essential to storytelling.

The Cult of Souls

Featuring: Fethi Sahraoui / Collective220

The Cult of Souls is an ongoing long-term documentary photography project about rural celebrations, and the range of activities offered to visitors. The work is a visual narration of the events that are simultaneously mundane and extraordinary.

The Dark Truth Behind Wildlife Tourism

Featuring: Kirsten Luce

In this sweeping investigation of a global industry, writer Natasha Daly and photographer Kirsten Luce went behind the scenes of wildlife-encounter tourism, revealing the quiet suffering many animals endure in the name of entertainment.

The Enigma Room

Featuring: Ed Kashi, Michael Curry

In The Enigma Room, the art of coding transforms Ed Kashi’s extensive archive, playing with perception versus reality, the truth of the photograph versus the mystery of digital alchemy.

The Language of the City: Immigrant Voices

Featuring: Eugene de Salignac, Larry Racioppo, and other photographers employed by the City of New York between 1908 and 1956

The Department of Records and Information Services, offers a selection of historical photographs from its Municipal Archives, featuring images of immigrants in the city.

The Last Season I & II

Featuring: Harmen Meinsma

The Last Season I & II by Harmen Meinsma focuses on the cultural diversity of Rotterdam-West (NL) and the inhabitants of the campsite Hoek van Holland (NL) by selecting extraordinary personalities that he meets on the streets and photographing them using exaggerated styling and glamorous lighting. It’s a celebration of being older, different, and of not being afraid to stand out in a crowd.


Featuring: Cey Adams, Janette Beckman, Mister Cartoon, Jules Muck, Maxx242, and Jeff Soto

Photographer Janette Beckman and artist Cey Adams are co-curating The MASH UP. Four West Coast artists were selected to mash-up/paint/remix Beckman’s old school hip-hop photos.

The New Amsterdam Koffiehuis

Featuring: Gijs van den Berg

The last traditional coffeehouses of Amsterdam, hand printed with the coffee that they serve.

The Palace Wild

Featuring: Mimi Haddon

Haddon documents the collaboration where the human figure as armature helps to breathe life into the original stories that the clothing is longing to tell.

The Place Where Clouds Are Formed

Featuring: Gareth Smit, Ofelia Zepeda, Martín Zícari

The Place Where Clouds Are Formed combines poetry, critical text, and photography to investigate the intersection of religion and migration in the borderlands of Arizona and Sonora, the ancestral land of the Tohono O’odham.

The Players’ Tribune

Featuring: Various Artists

The Players’ Tribune is reimagining the world of sports and culture through the player’s point of view. Photographers from The Players’ Tribune work together with athletes to create intimate and evocative narratives that reveal the true depth of their stories.

The Print Swap

Featuring: Artists to be announced mid August 2019

The Print Swap is a global photo-sharing project launched in 2016 by the editors of the Feature Shoot website.


Featuring: Roger Fishman

In this exhibition, Roger Fishman shows the raw power and exquisite, abstract beauty of water, through aerial photos and video from Greenland and Iceland, with the goal of engaging the public in a discussion on how each of us can transform ourselves, and the world we live in, for the betterment of all.


Featuring: Haruka Sakaguchi and Griselda San Martin

Typecast is a satirical portrait series addressing cultural stereotypes perpetuated by the entertainment industry.


Featuring: Sydelle Willow Smith

Un/Settled is a project that explores white South Africans’ histories, privileges, and reflections on identity.


Our exhibition aims to highlight the importance of land existing for its own sake through a series of diptychs that pairs sweeping video of so-called useless stretches of wilderness with actors voicing first-hand accounts from the people speaking about the importance of these resources.

Via Baltic

Featuring: Niña Yhared, Temuri Hvingija

Via Baltic is a contemporary photography and film collaboration created by artists from Estonia and Mexico, and is inspired by The Baltic Way, when 2.5 million people held hands on 23 August 1989 in peaceful protest of the Soviet Union.

Viewfinder: The Art and Craft of the Film Still

Featuring: Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers: International Membership

An eclectic collection of film still photography, selected and submitted by members of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers, to show audiences the rarely seen, art and craft of film set photography.

Walk This Way

Featuring: April Walker / Walker Wear

Walk This Way takes us on a 30+ year visual exploration of April Walker’s rich history and fashion journey. From Walker’s roots in Brooklyn, to her trailblazing Walker Wear fashion brand, to her agility as an entrepreneur, Walk This Way cements history with iconic moments in time.

Water is a Women’s Issue

Featuring: Various Artists

Fifty photographs representing the collaborative work of teen women photographers from five national and international partner organizations.

Waterkeeper Warriors

Featuring: Various Artists

Meet the Waterkeeper Warriors who are fighting horrific acts of pollution and environmental injustice to protect every person’s right to clean water. Photographed by twenty Culture Trip photographers around the globe, with stories told by notable voices.

We’re Artists Too!

Featuring: Various Artists

This is a show exhibiting the work of a diverse group of artists and photographers with this one thing in common—they have all worked at Skink Ink Fine Art


Featuring: Andrew Oberstadt

The exhibition will explore the arc of resettlement and integration, from the various types of arrivals and welcomes, to our long commitment of rebuilding lives and communities.

What Remains

Featuring: Various Artists

Facing Change: Documenting America’s interactive exhibit of Detroit life reveals the Motor City’s culture and community, as seen through local lenses.

You workin’

Featuring: Martin Smith

“You workin'” draws on personal and collective experience to question the current American administration and asks us to consider whether the world’s greatest superpower is failing.

ZEKE Award Winners for Documentary Photography 2019

Featuring: Toby Binder, Rory Doyle

Toby Binder and Rory Doyle are first place winners of the ZEKE Award for Documentary Photography, a new honor presented by the Social Documentary Network. Sponsors include Digital Silver Imaging, Canson-Infinity, and Leica.